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Kowa 60mm Spotting Scopes

This series is a group of 4 models that are among the finest 60mm spotting scopes on the market today. Two models feature straight through eyepiece configuration and two with 45 degree. In each configuration, you can choose between a standard or an ED objective lens. All lenses and prisms in the scope body are fully multi-coated to provide superior, bright images. Quick, precise focusing adjustments are easy with one-touch, well-positioned focusing knob. Other features included built-in, retractable lens hood/sun shade and a protective glass seal to prevent dust and moisture from entering the scope through the eyepiece opening. The scope body is extremely lightweight as a result of a reinforced gray-green plastic body which is partially rubber armored. Besides allowing the scopes to weigh in under 2 pounds, this material enables a warm touch even when used in low temperature areas or seasons. The ED models, TS-613 and TS-614, are equipped with extra-low dispersion glass for the ultimate in color fidelity and overall optical performance in both visual and photographic applications.
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