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Kowa Optimed offers several outstanding spotting scopes with some unique features to go along with precision, brilliant optics and mechanical reliability. All models offer an optional photo adapter for telephoto use which provides high quality photographic reproduction. Designed for reliable and long-term use in the field, the construction of Kowa scopes is extremely sturdy, with critical alignment of the optical elements. The larger models offer a built-in, retractable sun shade which prevents stray light from disturbing image clarity and contrast. The smoothness and light touch of the focusing knob make it easy to bring subjects into sharp focus. A handy aiming line, situated parallel to the optical axis, allow the observer to adjust the scope visually to the general area of observation. A secure tripod mount allows for quick and easy set up on the tripod. Kowa eyepieces provide the observer with optimal results under all viewing conditions with a wide range of eyepiece selections. Most eyepieces provide plenty of eye relief for eyeglass wearer viewing comfort and come with convenient flexible rubber eyecups. Bayonet-mounted eyepieces allow for quick and easy interchangeability between various eyepieces or when frequently using the photo attachment. This simple insert/turn eyepiece mounting also provides added weather protection for long-term reliability. All Kowa spotting scopes are protected with a lifetime warranty.

Kowa 60mm Spotting Scopes
Kowa 82mm Spotting Scopes
Kowa 50mm Spotting Scopes


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