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Kowa 82mm Spotting Scopes

The next generation of Kowa spotting scopes incorporates an 82mm objective lens in a waterproof structure, when the eyepiece is attached. The TSN820 Series scopes are of a very lightweight, compact design, achieved by adopting a high-impact poly-carbonate material. Carbon-fiber reinforcement give the scope reliable, durable performance. A special rubberized coating assures a sure grip and makes the scope comfortable to the touch, even in extreme cold weather. The TSN820 Models provide a light-grasping, 82mm objective lens and an excellent depth of field. Despite their size, they are relatively light in weight. Four different variations are available. The TSN821 and TSN822 models are both high optical quality 82mm aperture spotting scopes. The TSN821 features offset 45 degree angle viewing and the TSN822 is the straight-through version. The 82mm objective gives exceptional brightness, clarity and sharpness with a 70% increase in light gathering ability over the more conventional-sized, 60mm scope. This also allows excellent low light performance. The TSN821 and the TSN823 provide comfortable viewing for elevated objects, with its 45 degree eyepiece position. This also allows the observer to use a shorter height on the tripod. The eyepiece can be rotated, with click stops at convenient viewing angles of 0, -90, or +90 degrees. The TSN822 and the TSN824 models use the more conventional straight-through eyepiece position which makes it easy to sight and follow a moving object. This position is also easier to use with a car window mount. The TSN823 and TSN824 models have essentially the exact same features as the TSN821 and TSN822, but with Fluorite lens elements. This yields images that are sharper and brighter, with unmatched image clarity and color fidelity. The observed difference is most noticeable under low lighting situations or at high magnification. Photographs of extraordinary optical quality are possible with these lens elements. A new series of accessories is being introduced with these scopes. Interchangeable, bayonet-mounted eyepieces include a 20-60X Zoom, 32X Wide Angle, 50X Wide Angle and a 27X Long Eye Relief. An 850mm, f/10.4 photo adapter will convert the scope for telephoto use. Another new item is a close-up adapter which allows focus adjustment to as close as 13 feet.
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